When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Game Over

‘Society’ as we know it is moribund. Toothless. Transparent as a ghost. Exposure is the order of the day. And my word why bother to unmask them when they do such a fine job of it all by themselves?

What kind of ‘judge’ is incapable of even seeing the guilt or innocence of the one brought before him?

The old order is tiptoeing out with a lot less fanfare than it marched in. Because darkness cowers in terror before the light.

Young people all over the planet are rising up to fight for a life that actually means something to them. Many of them are considered ‘mentally ill’, many martyr themselves by committing suicide. But I only have to switch on Radio 1Xtra on my digital radio to know that collectively we have already won this so-called ‘war’. I am beyond proud of their fighting spirit, fuelled by the energy, dynamism and optimism of youth.

I actually cohabit with the mysterious Slender Man, the one of so many masks, the one who’s name is Legion. He don’t impress me much, lol. My job is to kill him with kindness, this is become a charnel house for dead souls who come to me for succour and to be relieved of their counterfeit suffering.

It’s already been 18 long months and how much longer it will take is anyone’s guess. But he’s on his way out. And hey, at least I found a job, right?

Expelling Satan from this earth may seem like a somewhat wacky ambition for a young girl to have. But in John Lennon’s words? I’m not the only one. Your name is Legion? Well mine is, uh Celtic Warrior so burn baby, burn.


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