When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

I’ve done what I set out to do. And all the people who looked down on me? I’m tearing down your balcony (Eminem). I am relentless and inescapable because? I am YOU…

On the level you’re just challenging yourself. So if you’re feeling brave, go ahead and hurt yourself (Dizzee Rascal).

My work here is pretty much done and this world has nothing more to offer me so I’m off to the next life. Suicide will not be found necessary as a miracle occurred instead.

In one way my ambitions were off-the-planet grandiose, in another they were so modest. All I wanted was an ordinary life (Amy MacDonald). A husband, few kids (possibly), a regular income and some pals to hang with.

(I’ve) got everything now (Morrissey). My haters were shafted by the same fires that consumed me for so long.

I’m as entitled as anyone else to my fifteen minutes of triumphalism because I actually am the greatest…the Mohammed Ali of lyricism, transcendence and spiritual warfare. You won’t really find a better vegetarian cook either lol. Please don’t forget overcoming old age and death and unlocking the secret to eternal youth. By becoming the ultimate loser I swept the board (hehe, just as I used to do in pique when my brother inevitably beat me at any board game you care to name).

(I’m) simply the best (Tina Turner). Horses for courses, they say.




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