When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Haha, not.

Let me describe it (no, you can’t call it male or female).

It has no sexuality whatsoever. In the struggle to be ‘all things to all people’ the better to big itself up, it couldn’t commit to being male, female, hetero- or homosexual. It’s essentially a transgendered eunuch.

It cannot speak any word of truth yet feels the need to ‘run its gums’ endlessly, as if trying to make up for the lack of quality, by sheer quantity, of words.

It is a true ‘rebel with no cause’, extremely aggressive in the pursuit of its aims. What are its aims you ask? Simply to raise itself above the level of its own Creator, God Her/Himself.

It is a thief, appropriating God’s gifts and besmirching and degrading them thereby.

It is such a loser by nature that it frequently resorts to physical violence as literally the only recourse it thinks it has.

It is deeply miserable and grim and tortured with jealousy for those who are light, happy and can laugh.

It is an extremely poor listener because it cannot allow someone else’s reality to permeate its space. That space is just too full of its own ongoing war with itself.

It specialises in false accusations and attempts to defame others’ character. At the root of this is the intense jealousy it experiences toward those who are upright and honest.

It is very skilled in lying as you would expect – since practically every word out of its mouth is a lie or else a half-truth deliberately employed with the motive of deceiving.

It is a popularity whore and slave which will do anything to be liked/accepted by anyone – it really isn’t picky either. It’s quantity, not quality that appeals to it the most – like a dubious ‘casanova’ notching up ‘conquests’ on a bedpost.

It is utterly caught up with and thoroughly attached to either or both the past and the future and entirely incapable of ever fully enjoying the present as a result.

It is extremely fearful of so many things. Being rejected or outcast. God, or the divine in humanity. Being unmasked for what it is. Losing the big pile of ‘nothing’ that it has worked so tirelessly for.

It is tormented by insecurity, NEVER feeling ‘good enough’. It cannot accept itself or anyone else. Generosity is a foreign concept to it, the only kind of compliment it will ever give is either backhanded or has a hidden agenda.

It is masochistic and self-harming, because it is essentially a tormented soul desperately seeking any form of release.

It habitually self-neglects and is deeply self-destructive. But will turn around and tell you it ‘loves itself’.

There is no congruence whatsoever between what it thinks and feels and what it says. It therefore dismally fails to move others or elicit genuine emotional response, sympathy or empathy.

It is extremely grandiose. Well this is essentially a ‘little guy’ who thinks he can outdo the Big Guy Himself – God.

It is wholly uncreative, only seeking to appropriate or imitate the work of others to pass off as its own.

Being deeply fearful itself it devotes much energy and time to instilling at least some of the terror it feels into others and doing its best to destroy or disturb their peace of mind. This seems to afford it a little satisfaction inasmuch as it restores some sense of power and control on its part.

It is extremely proud and vain of itself and its ‘powers’. It constantly looks for affirmation of who it is in external things and people.

Satan constantly brags and boasts. It’s as if its self-esteem is inside a vessel with a large hole – thus it must continually attempt to refill it with empty nonsense about being a ‘king’ or royalty.

It is absolutely hideous to behold, wormlike with a fixed sneer, smirk or rictus grin on its face.

Last but not least it is a ‘hater’ to the core, its entire raison d’etre is hate. From hating it gains whatever ‘identity’ or ‘purpose’ it can be said to have.

I will add to this list as and when further characteristics occur to me.

Yes, Satan is a charmer and no mistake. I can’t think why I don’t wanna sell it my soul for the privilege of its company, can you?


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