When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

‘As for other souls, I’m not really sure what a soul is. Only a very small part of us is ever physical, we are always mostly non-physical. And while people do have something that is often referred to as a soul, that’s also not the whole of their non-physicality. I avoid getting caught up in any idea of evolution or progress. That requires time and time is only a device for experiencing a particular kind of reality, not reality itself.

If by “people like us” you mean beings from other dimensions that come here in freedom rather than being pulled back into incarnation through the gravity of karma, yes…people like us will come here. There are all kinds of experiences that are unique to this dimension of reality, there is a dynamism here that does not exist in the tranquility of what some people call “higher” realms, but really it’s just a different density/frequency. There is no ladder to climb, and all is equal, yet different.

Imagine a person who is really wealthy: private jets and servants and total convenience and comfort. That is their daily life. Now, imagine this person putting some freeze dried food, water purification tablets, a flimsy little tent and a sleeping bag into a backpack. They are dropped off at the edge of an immense forest and they carry all their basic needs on their backs and walk all day, setting up camp at night. They are cold, they eat crappy food, they can’t take a hot bath and they are all alone. The next day they pack up and continue walking and do this all over. They do this for ten days, and they call it a vacation! Being dirty, hungry, cold, having to carry your stuff everywhere, having no one to help or encourage you, having to find your way in the wilderness, the possibility of being lost or attacked by animals…yet they look forward to this, embrace the experience with great enthusiasm.

It’s kind of like that for us. We face all kinds of discomforts, apparent danger, the feeling of being alone, having to find our way. But it is a whole different way to know yourself, and therefore to know god. If we have a mission, we fulfill it. If not, we just come to do our thing. We have nothing to gain here in terms of typical lessons, but we are nevertheless deeply enriched by our stay. And only a very small part of us is even here at any given time. Most of us is not physical. I am, for instance, still in the other dimension with my own kind. I literally sang a part of of myself into physical focus. So when I leave here, I am just removing that part of my focus from physicality. But I don’t need to go home because I am already there, and here…backpacking in the wilds of Earth. Being here does not exclude us also being there. And only a tiny fraction of us can even be here anyway…it’s too dense to hold us in totality.’

I totally relate to this. It’s very reassuring to hear someone else say these things. There’s loads of good stuff to read on this website but this passage was something that just stood out for me, so I wanted to record it here.

I have talked about being an ‘interdimensional traveller’. There are times of great bliss and a huge sense of potency, some of that quite recently, where I realised it was simply impossible to ever fully know the totality of my ‘self’. The nature of our being as a part of God is infinite and there is always more to do and know. We are creators, we’re always about the next peak, it never ends and is never complete.


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  1. I am the author of the original post. Thank you for sharing it here, and adding me to your blogroll. I thought you might enjoy reading this post:


    I went through a period of feeling so strongly that I didn’t belong here, and that I just wanted to go “home”. It’s exhausting, this place! And heart breaking at times. But I found an understanding that allowed me to settle in. No matter how alone you might feel, you are never alone. You have deep reserves of dignity, nobility and love to draw upon…no matter what ignorance or meanness you encounter.

    Cheers -L

    • Thank you so much Lilith (sorry I only just got back to you). Your website is just amazing…I read pretty much all the material there and it was so helpful. I kind of envied your stability and sanity at the time of reading. But we are all on our own paths and I have every reason to feel blessed at this point, given that my ‘bipolar’ awakenings seem to be coming into line with ‘ascension symptoms’ and awakenings that many people are going through worldwide. Learning to control my behaviour at those times has been key. Each time I go through an episode I fine tune the behaviour side of things a bit more so that there is just no way I can end up in hospital. After all…they can’t literally police my thoughts if I don’t give them away, right? I still have a ton to learn in that respect…it would be good not to give away so much money to n’er do wells and end up broke for instance. Thank you so much for the last sentence…that really means a lot to me. Love and light.

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