When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Quick Update

Well. Eight days ago S came here and broke. Literally broke. My windows.

I’ve deliberately kept them boarded up so far because I actually feel safer that way (no one can see in and he can’t break them again!) But I haven’t had any trouble since…he was arrested and charged, remanded and appeared in court but they let him go. I have to give a statement and appear as a witness. Unless at some point I decide to withdraw. Unsure as yet and gonna play it by ear.

Just relieved he’s off the scene and peace reigns in my manor once more.

And after coming down off my ‘fifth dimension high’ I’ve felt a bit low off and on but it doesn’t seem to last. Maybe half a day and then it lifts. Which is great. I can’t even say how great that is. Nothing short of a miracle.

I’m currently reading up a LOT online on spiritual awakenings and their connection with bipolar as well as YouTube vids on ‘Living in the Fifth Dimension’, ‘Ascension’ and similar topics. They give me a lot of cause to feel hopeful about the future…because I have to say my own altered states have DEFINITELY reflected this lift/upgrade in the planetary consciousness which those in the know say is going on.

But yeah I’ve been taking it easy, haven’t really had the energy for much exertion either in pursuit of a social life or anything else. Just keeping the body and brain ticking over really. It’s all good though.


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