When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

I thought I was there to stay but uh-uh, had to come back to the 3D shit lol. But I will say this, it’s tremendously reassuring to know that I am so far from being alone in the kind of experiences I’ve had, and that indeed it appears the WHOLE PLANET is gravitating to these higher vibrations as we speak!

Being told my experiences were a sign of illness which must be suppressed with drugs, and now discovering that more and more people are having these same ascension and awakening experiences. I was just a bit ahead of my time. And if it hadn’t been for the internet? I would not have discovered all of this stuff.

I felt I was an artist without even picking up a brush or typing words. I was a co-creator with the Divine, literally painting, colouring and designing my own world. Broadcasting my thoughts. The depth of my mind just seemed limitless and I truly knew that I would NEVER grasp the entirety of what I am. Every small detail was important from the moment I awoke until I slept again. I was creating magic with every move I made. And here it is, spelt out in a video by someone else! I’m not alone! Not crazy! I’m just – as I’ve often said – an interdimensional traveller.

I was so fully present in the Now that I literally pretty much had no short term memory unless I made a point of remembering something. I pretty much had no thoughts at all…my mind was clear and free as if a wind was blowing through my head. I felt like a robot, but in a good way. I just followed my programming to do the ‘next right thing’. Free will was non-existent as I always suspected it was in any case. Being freed of free will was the most freeing thing ever and I had a deep sense of inner peace.

I did have emotional times though as I documented in the post ‘Ye Gods, I Have Emotions’. I wept on a few occasions, something I thought I had lost the ability to do. I was fully present with whatever emotions were passing through and they always just…passed. They were cleared, the blockage removed. A night’s sleep would completely remove a sense of depression for instance.

Admittedly it’s not easy coming back down but there hasn’t been too much turbulence this time around. I’m not in the Pit by any means. Life just seems a bit grey and flat and drained of interest to some degree. Even this is normal for spiritual awakenings it seems. We HAVE to come back in order to allow the higher self to merge and integrate with the grosser, 3D body/mind.

Having been gifted with a lifestyle of regular spiritual awakenings it’s only right I have to face the challenges too. The ongoing battles of the ego! The need for my life to ‘amount’ to something. Fear of becoming too isolated. Most of it is fear-based. And fear is the ego kicking back in. ‘You’re not done with me yet!’ I worry about not being actively engaged in some kind of service to others. That never bothered me in the 5th dimension though, because everything I did for myself was for everyone else. I’ve always known that to free myself I would have to free everyone else. The distinction between self and others is all part of the illusion.

At the end of the day our biggest gift to others is to be the best we can be. We raise the planet’s vibration just by existing here and conducting light and Source. Naturally my ego will keep on goading me, that’s its job after all, it’s the ‘stick’ while the 5D experience is the carrot. It will tell me I need to get out there in the world because I probably do! Find community, people I can relate to, keep searching for those all-important connections.




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