When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

I love this lady.

What she says and the way she is resonates deeply within me.

I had the Sunday, uh, blues? Greys? Blacks? today. Maybe not the blacks. This evening listening to her and after emailing a friend I got back in touch with my higher self and its joy, confidence, power, found myself smiling at my face in the mirror like I do…

She talks of honouring our own reality and not compromising it or being bothered what others think (since we can never have any control over that in any case, right?).

I’m probably hovering around the Fourth Dimension, where we still swing back and forth between what she calls the ‘human’ self and the ‘soul’. And yeah it appears I’m STILL not ready to let go of ‘my’ suffering!

But she too has suffered and grown and learned from that but she’s clearly ascended to something beyond suffering. Which gives me hope and permission/validation that I can do that too.

And this whole ‘ascension’ thing is not really on a timeline. It’s in every moment…which is why I can go from feeling wretched to empowered, alive and free in the space of minutes…

We’ve only got Now.


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