When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Great Outcome

I had to attend magistrate’s court yesterday to testify as a witness in the case of the broken windows.

I had dreaded it and even thought I might try to wriggle out of it at one point by dropping the charge, but talking to the ‘witness care’ guy on the phone I felt reassured to go ahead.

Arrived at the court, went through security, registered, was led upstairs to a separate suite with other witnesses in other cases. It was all quite smooth and professionally administered.

Then I was called into the lady in charge’s office and she told me the case had been ‘discontinued’ – I didn’t have to appear. A legal person would come to explain to me what was happening.

The lady (a barrister possibly, or solicitor?) came and it seems that S had pleaded guilty to the offence, plus one other (which she was not at liberty to tell me about). So therefore my attendance as a witness was not required, though I was welcome to sit in the public gallery to observe the case if I wished.

Well even though I was psyched up to attend, on balance I was pleased to be ‘let off the hook’. By pleading guilty to the offence he accepted responsibility and couldn’t turn round at a later date and say I ‘snitched’ on him or whatever. It just avoided any kind of unpleasant confrontation.

So I left the court and travelled back to my area on the bus, the lady in charge of the witness suite having promised to call me to let me know the outcome of the case.

I got the call a few hours later. He had been given a custodial sentence of 8 weeks, so yesss! A good outcome. Not only can I feel totally safe for at least four weeks. It’s a good outcome for HIM. A chance to get clean and sober in jail and have some time to think.

Not that he is in any way my responsibility (or ever was). But I’m happy about the outcome all round.



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