When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

If Not Me, Then Who?

It’s OK to tell me I shouldn’t do this.

It’s OK to tell me it’s dangerous.

That I might die. Lol!

OK so if not me then who?

If I’m not equipped for this job, who the hell is?

At 55 with a life of struggle behind me I can’t know what’s possible?

So who is stepping up to take my place, you, him?

Facing down Satan, you’re gonna do that single-handed?

Huh, maybe not, maybe you’re just too damn young…

I know death, I live with death, I embrace death, I love death.

Death is far from a problem to me. So far from a problem.

Everyone is a bitch to me. No one is ‘a man’ to me…

I am Holy Water, I’m gonna piss on you and put out your ‘light’ for good.


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