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Please Be Prepared To Account

Being prepared isn’t no Boy Scout ting.

Everyone who comes here should be prepared to account for their own misdeeds, actions, whatever you wanna call them.

Because the fact is, many of us are actually HARDWIRED to commit ‘misdeeds’.

I don’t want no more victim-blaming for Christmas.

I don’t want no more psychological projection for Christmas.

I don’t want no more faux naivete for Christmas. Unless you wanna dig yourself further into a ditch – ‘fosse’ in French.

If you are convinced of your innocence you are probably dead wrong.

Accept you yourself are mind-controlled before you start accusing others of doing it.

Accept that you are a paranoid fuck before you start inventing ‘conspiracies’ that have no real existence.

Do not pour scorn on what others genuinely see.

Do not begin any debate with the words ‘you are dead wrong’. Be prepared to LISTEN before ‘speaking’.

Allow PAUSE between ‘speeches’ in any genuine dialogue.

Maybe do what my son and I do. Take time to SIGH.

No more polarised discussions for Christmas.

A big thumbs down to nonsense, unless it is entertaining.

And remember. We know the truth. About you. About me. And about everything else.


I’m Fine Now Though

It was all over very quickly.

Now I don’t ‘tell stories’ for anyone’s benefit but my own.

Because yall hear what you want to hear.

And I get bored.

And Now The Withdrawal Fun

Coming off a high dose of risperidone I was given for two weeks in the hospital while not even faintly psychotic. Observed so far: intense fatigue and muscle weakness, lack of focus and concentration, nausea and vomiting, slurred speech, loss of appetite and seriously picky eating, insomnia, tardive dyskinesia.

Thanks again o great and mighty psych gods!

Fang You

And on 1st December she was duly released from her penal servitude in the mental bin. Facebook is where I’m blasting out my oh so serious anger and pain http://www.facebook.com/zoe.vincent3. Because it’s more fun with an audience. Ooh Missus!