When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Still Not Manic

Nope. Despite the new man. Maybe because of him, actually.

So what’s he like Louise, who is this new man?

He’s a very private person. He’s not like me.

We met on Reddit. I used to post on a subreddit called Needafriend. I posted there a whole lotta times. Gathered a vast number of ‘text pals’, a select few of whom I keep up regular contact with.

We’ve been talking for one month but moved so fast and talked so intensely for so many hours that it actually feels like a lot longer.

OK, so he’s less than half my age. In my world that’s pretty normal as I am a well known milf lol. Those who don’t know what a milf is, let’s keep it that way. He’s not a boy, nor is he my toy though. My name isn’t Demi Moore and he’s not Ashton Kutcher.

Abruptly changing the subject, kindly allow me to ‘vent’ about this awful cold/flu that I have. I feel truly lousy.


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