When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Not Even Remotely

Have you heard of modern relationships?

Well I’m in one.

We live half a world away from each other but we are as close as can be.

Sometimes I think a remote relationship is better than an in person one.

Let’s face it, people in real life are as boring as fuck aren’t they? So why not test each other’s abilities to transcend distance by stationing yourself halfway across the world from him?

In real life or irl as it’s generally known is overrated. Most young people from millennials downwards know this. They don’t make a distinction between real life and online friendships. So why should we older peeps not get a piece of the pie?

The only things you need are dedication, determination, love and the will to transcend everything that comes between you or would seek to keep you apart. Technology is largely on our side and getting more so all the time. This is doable guys!

My controller isn’t fat like in Thomas the Tank Engine, but he is chunky. Just as well. He needs some fat reserves to survive the cold Chicago winters.



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