When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


One For Our ‘Frenemies’



There are no words to say what this boy means to me. I feel I’m cheating myself by even writing this, but just so you know? He’s my Son! Clearly the No 1 Boy in the Whole World then – despite or maybe even BECAUSE OF ‘the ears’! He was teased so much about them he got them pinned back surgically. Then he started obsessing on his nose being too big.

I’m an odd sort of mother. I didn’t always see a rosy aura of perfection surrounding my son. Yes, I always used to joke around with him saying ‘Mah Boy’s a Genius!’ but sometimes I frankly used to think ‘how can this ugly little fucker be my son?’ Lol.

It’s all about Revenge of the Nerds I guess. We may be the unpopular introverts, have zero friends, sit alone at lunch in High School and whatnot. We’ll never be ‘jocks’ or ‘cheerleaders’.

We’re waaaay too ambitious for THAT dumb shit. Suffice to say? We have Big Plans. So we take OUR support from the Universe, from Nature, from Knowledge, from Inner Strength.

We are MADE of stardust. And to Stardust we return.